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Various storyboards that I have developed

The Hungry Bear Storyboard-01.png

Character Design

This is a gallery of cartoon characters that I'm designing.

Benjamin (Elroy's Grandpa(Edmond's Dad(Leader of the elephants))).png

Children's Books Concept Art

This is a gallery of concept art for children's books that I've illustrated

Page 7-01.png

Window Paintings

This is a gallery of window paintings that I have painted in Winters Center for Autism


Short Films

Videos that I have created using Adobe Applications including Illustrator, Animate, After Effects and Premiere.


Graphic Design

Graphic design projects ranging from hand drawn to Adobe InDesign


Holiday Animation Concepts

Ideas for movies and TV shows that I have been designing

Animals standing around the Christmas Tree.png

Published Children's Books

This is a gallery of published children's books that I've illustrated

Cover Title.jpg


Some illustrations that I have created throughout the years

Logo Ideas Update-02.png

Video Game Design

Illustrations from a video game that I am developing

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